August 17th, 2017
St. Marks Church in the Bowery
New York City

New York, New York – On August 17th, 2017 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm New York Citys St. Marks Church was home to The Vomitorium, a performance/political action created by three local artists and their cast and crew of 60+ volunteers. This event kicked off HOWL! Festival of East Village Arts Avant Garde(n) Series.

The Vomitorium was created by three New York City based artists: Wendy Tremayne, Marina Potok, and Dawn Ladd. With an open call for participation, they began recruiting cast and crew in June, inviting all and any to express their feelings about imperialism through roles such as: Romans (paralleling contemporary influential Americans), servants, live statues, entertainers or to create roles of their own. The artists then structured The Vomitorium into a 2 hour loosely-scripted theatrical performance. During the evening, each performer, through their chosen character, expressed their views on the subject within the architecture of the piece.

The set was furnished with props and art created by volunteer local artists. Fire spinners, a belly dancer, and a violinist entertained the Romans and audience while the feast took place. Since the performance was politically motivated, members of Mass Defense Committee volunteered to support the performance with legal advice and legal observers. A volunteer EMT was also on staff to ensure the safety of the performers and audience.

A documentary style, short film about The Vomitorium is being created by Marina Potok. The artists have hopes of showing the film later in the year. Still photography is also being prepared for exhibition.

During the performance hand stamped vomit bags containing the playbill for the show were distributed to the audience.