Before you attend the swap take time to clean out your closets. Here's a few tips on what to bring...

* clothes you bought and never wore

* small stuff you bought while thinking "I'll fit in to this one day"

* tragic shopping mistakes

* well worn and loved items that have exceeded their stay in the closet

* unloved gifts that you held on to out of obligation

Bring: Clothes in season: jackets, wallets, hats, pants,shirts, skirts, shoes, gloves, belts, accessories, jewelry, sunglasses, bags, costumes, lingere, pjs etc. Only clothes please!

Do Not Bring: books, bikes, vases, lamps etc... If you cant wear it, dont bring it!

Quantity is not important. Come with a little or a lot, whatever you got.

Swap-O-Rama-Rama is for boys, girls, men, women.