Phoenix Rising

Just after 911
For this project volunteers were recruited to learn to cut and weld metal for the creation of decorative fire barrels for the rescue and clean up workers of 9-11. The work was done at Brooklyn Based metal shop, The Madagascar Institute.

Ten decorative barrels were designed, created and then donated to the rescue workers of 911. These barrels replaced ordinary metal drums that were in use to keep workers warm throughout the night. The completed works were presented to the city by SEAL, a NYC based arts organization.

The barrels were also brought to Burning Man in 2002 where they provided warmth and light during a ceremony for the lives lost in 9-11. They were later on display in NYC's Cooper Union Hall during a showing of Burning Man inspired art during a lecture given by Burning Man's founder Larry Harvey.

This project was done in collaboration with Cory Mervis.

Click Here to see VIDEO by Cory Mervis

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